Comparing The Pedipaws And Peticure Pet Nail Trimmers

Pet lovers know how important it is to be careful when clipping their nails. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you cut a dogs nails is to cut too much so that it bleeds. That is extremely painful for the dog. And so tools like Pedipaws and Peticure are very useful for dog lovers. But between the two, which is better?

Pedipaws uses rotating emery bands to gently file nails with a precision filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail at a time, they say, and keeps them in the container so they dont fall on the floor or fly around. Pedipaws costs US$19.99 plus US$7.99 for shipping and handling. As a free bonus you also get a Shed Ender simply at the cost of shipping and handling.

Independent reviewers note that one disadvantage is that Pedipaws has only one size hole for the nails, so it will be useless for bigger dogs with larger nails. Also it accommodates less dust and there have been problems with clogging. It is also recommended that you buy Pedipaws from a store like Wal-Mart rather than from its official website, because of customer complaints problems.

Peticure is also a nail filer for pets that functions in the same way, with rotary action filing the pets nails a sliver at a time. The item comes in several pieces and directions on how to assemble the Peticure. The Peticure comes with a safeguard to catch shavings and a rechargeable battery. It also has adjustable size openings, eliminates accidental hair winding, abrasions, and projectile nail debris. According to them, nails should be filed only three to five seconds at a time. The Peticure costs US $29.99 plus shipping and handling.

Independent reviews of Peticure said that initially the dog gets anxious by the vibration and sound. The official site of Peticure offers a step by step instruction on how to overcome this. Reviews also said it may not grind the nail down as much as you want it to. The fact that it is cordless makes it easier to use. Bands have to be replaced now and then, and it only comes with three bands. Batteries run out easily, often within the first day of use. Whats more, if you buy Peticure, reviewers recommend that you get it from Amazon rather than from their own website. It will be cheaper, and some people who tried to get it from the website have experienced grief. However, after some vicious complaints, they say that Peticure has bent over backwards in remedying this. Until customer service is 100% perfect, we say better safe than sorry, and its cheaper anyway at Amazon.

So which product is better? The Peticure is more expensive by about US $10, but the fact that is has many sizes sounds more appealing, especially if you have, or plan to have more than one dog, and different dog breeds, too. Ideally, I would also rather buy either one at a store so I can see it for myself before making a final judgement.