Pct – Patent Pct Filing Requirement, Timeline And Registration

PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty is an agreement for international cooperation to enter into the patenting process with an efficient and cost-effective way in many countries at one time. PCT is a treaty for cooperation and rationalization through which one search, examine and dissemination of the technical information in respect of PCT filing procedure. The benefit of Patent Cooperation Treaty is in the interest of the offices that have responsibility for administering it and of the users of the patent system in a very economical and effective manner.

Patent Cooperation Treaty patent application is a simple way of granting the patent right between the contracting states. PCT patent application is a single application that is to be filed at one of the international receiving offices that further grants a right to application holder to file national patent applications in any of the contracting states. It includes a single initial filing fee where one can postpone all of the additional expenses of the national patent process for 30 months approx from the application’s priority date. This priority date can be secure by filing PCT application which acts as similar to a provisional patent application.

There are many ways by which one can file PCT but to file with minimum cost there are some requirement and procedure which one has to follow while pct filing like mention the title of the invention, nationality of the inventors, names and addresses within application to be filed. Secondly, complete specification with abstract, drawings and claims before the International office. In case if the International Application is another language other than English then one has to submit in English also along with filing of English translation of the priority documents. The pct filing timeline is generally of 12 months of the earliest filing date for an application. Apart from PCT filing there is another services named patent registration that can be done with the help of patent attorney authorized by Indian patent office under the Indian patent act 1970. Under this one can register his or her invention with all types of legal necessities in order to safeguard his or her invention, product or unique services.

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