Handy Information In Managing Cocker Spaniel Aggression

Generally speaking, Cocker Spaniels have innate aggressive nature. In the wild, this aggression served as their weapon for survival. It may be quite hard to believe, but these adorable floppy-eared dogs used their aggressive instinct to hunt, defend themselves against perceived threats, win over a female mate, and acquire basic needs such as food and place to sleep.

Over the centuries, selective breeding techniques has minimized and refined Cocker Spaniel aggression considerably over the centuries. Its true that Cocker Spaniels of today have inherited this aggressive behavior that has been an aspect of their evolution and survival passing on from generation to generation. It is also rational to say that Cocker Spaniels are still capable to inflict serious harm to people and other pets. But the good news is that Cocker Spaniel lovers are not completely helpless to recognize and manage Cocker Spaniel Aggression.

Cocker Spaniels are indeed bright, cheerful and lovable dogs. They are so cute, devoted, and respectful to their master. They are bouncy and energetic little dogs. With all these endearing traits, it is pretty easy to distinguish the change of behavior of your Cocker Spaniel into an aggressive, edgy and anxious dog. Strangers make them nervy, constantly fidgeting, pacing around and leaping with anxiety, whining, constant barking, and the end manifestation is firm, unyielding stare along with a vicious attack.

Accustom your dog to socializeit is an undervalued solution but socialization is actually the best way to prevent Cocker Spaniel aggression. Expose your pet to the world, let him play with other dogs, meet new people, experience new things and go to different environment. Consistent play dates and positive day-to-day occurrences will let him realize that unknown is not equal to threat, so theres no reason to be afraid of. Start the power of socialization during puppyhood with step-by-step lessons so your pup wont feel overwhelmed.

Learn to understand the underlying causes of your pets aggression towards the members of your family. Displaying Cocker Spaniel aggression in his own human family is either he wants to protect something from you because he sees you as a threat, or because hes not satisfied with the manner his human family is treating him.

Your Cocker Spaniels over-possessive behavior can be experienced from time to time. The basic rule is, dont let your pet perceive that he ranked as the higher up in the pack and superior than his human family. It is natural for dogs to create a level of dominance, for them there is a clear line to follow. Once he believed that he is the alpha dog, he will definitely display violence to attack you without hesitation in defense of his food or toys.

As soon as your Cocker Spaniel perceived that his human family is the boss and he ranked lower in the pack, he wont show a sign of aggression every time you require him to obey your instructions. Obedience training is important in your dogs upbringing. Reward him with treats and lavish praises if he did the right action and do the time-out approach or isolating in a separate room by himself as punishment for bad behavior.

Learn the know-how of Cocker Spaniel aggression so you can understand your pet in broader sense, along with building a better pet-human relationship.