Indian Ethnic Wear

Ethnic is classic and maintains the essence of our culture. The traditional style of clothing in Indian ethnic wear varies with age. India has diversified culture in terms of dresses. Among Indian women’s ethnic wear, Sari is the most elegant.
Some mens Indian ethnic wear are Athletic wear, Jodhpuri Suit and Embroidered Sherwani etc. Athletic wear is available in different sizes and styles; our athletic wear is not only comfortable but also high in fashion. Jodhpuri Suit is superb mixture of Indian and western taste. Jodhpuri suit including jacket & trouser and having beautiful embroidery with Zardosi impart a royal look to the men.
Indian ethnic wear is traditional wear. It is different in different state. Women in Rajasthan wear long skirts that reach up to the ankle traditionally known as Ghaghra. It is narrow at the waist and its width increases at the base. There are a number of plates on the Ghaghra, and it is said that plates signify the wearer’s wealth. Ghaghras come in a variety of styles, but the more famous Ghaghras are the Laharia, Mothra and the Chunaris styles. Men wear a turban and Angarakha – a traditional dress worn above the waist.
The traditional ethnic dress of Maharashtra is also very popular. Men wear a dhoti and shirt along with a head dress that is popularly known as a “Pheta”. The dhoti is usually around two and a half feet long with or without borders. The women wear sarees with a short sleeved Choli (blouse).
The Indian ethnic dress of Kerala consists of Mundu and Neriyathu for both men and women. Saree and blouse also form a popular alternative as a traditional dress for women. While the Mundu forms the lower garment; the Neriyathu forms the upper garment. The Mundu is hand-woven which is worn around the hips below the navel. It is generally cream or white in color.

In Karnataka, men wear lungi and shirt, along with an Angavasthram, while women wear sarees and Salvar suits. Kanchipurram sarees are also very famous in Karnataka.
The ethnic dress of Andhra Pradesh is Saree and blouse for women and Dhoti and Kurta for men. Some tribal of Andhra Pradesh have their own dresses such as Lambadies, which are famous for their attractive and colourful garments. There are a lot of beads, sequins and mirror work studded on them. They also wear wide skirts in many bright shades of red, orange, and blue colors.
The state of Orissa, which is essentially a tribal dominated state, is also famous for Sarees with Ikat patterns. This state is also famous for its Ikat, Bomkai, Bandha and Pasapalli patterns. Sambalpur and Cutaki Sarees of Orissa are also famous across the country. Behrampuri silks are also very popular.
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