Noise From The Chicken Coop – Are Chickens Noisy Pets

If you are thinking of getting backyard chickens, you may have wondered whether or not these lovely creatures will make too much noise to be a backyard pet. You may be surprised how many people have chickens in their backyard without their neighbours even realising. Chickens should no/t be confined to a farm or rural area – they are a great addition to any backyard.

Who makes the most noise?

If you’re worried about waking up early every morning, together with your neighbors, due to the sounds coming from your chicken coop, be sure to exclude a rooster from your flock. Roosters naturally see the morning in with an enthusiastic crow but aren’t in fact necessary in your backyard. Many people are unaware that roosters aren’t necessary for egg production. So, if you are after some organic eggs for your breakfast table and a nice sleep-in in the morning, do not include a rooster in your backyard flock of chickens.

How much noise do chickens (hens) actually make?

Backyard chickens do make some noise, but nothing compared to roosters. The sound of a chicken is known as a cackle which is basically an excited little sound to announce to the world that the chicken has just laid an egg. This is quite a pleasant sound and is a nice little alarm for you to know when your fresh eggs have just been laid.

Apart from roosters crowing and hens getting excited after egg laying, these creatures really are very quiet. You will have many more neighbours complain about cats and dogs lurking the neighbourhood than you will about chickens in their chicken coop. Neighbors are usually also quite happy to look after your pets while you are away because they know that some eggs will be coming their way.