Healthy Pets Make Better And Longer-lasting Companions

If you have a new puppy or kitten, you are embarking on a long and cherished relationship. Healthy pets can live well into their teens. But good health is not a given. Pet owners must take steps to ensure that their companions live long and healthy lives. Even if youve had your pet for some years now, it isnt too late to start promoting your pets wellbeing.

Healthy weight equals longevity
The biggest favor you can do for your cat or dog is to help them maintain a healthy weight. Never feed your pet from the table. Instead, give her a high quality pet food. Choose pet foods that list protein as a top ingredient. Keep in mind that animals should have a visible waist. Cats and dogs who maintain a healthy weight tend to live longer.

Cats need lots of water
One of the most preventable problems for cats are urinary tract infections. By giving your cat plenty of fresh, clean water to drink you can avoid a costly vet bill and much unnecessary discomfort for your pet. Occasionally feeding them wet cat food can also help keep kitties well-hydrated.

Regular brushing goes for your dog too
The next time you are ready to toss your old toothbrush into the waste bin dont. Use that old brush to clean your dogs teeth every day. Regular brushing not only sweetens doggie breath, it also prevents cavities and gum disease, situations which can lead to further health complications. Healthy pets have clean mouths.

Lumosity for your pet
Perhaps you are familiar with the popular website offering games to stimulate the brain. Healthy pets need mental exercise too. Playing active games with your dog and getting her outdoors daily can help to keep her sharp. Indoor cats will reap great benefit from interactive toys or chasing the beam from a laser pointer. By contrast, bored animals often chew or destroy property and wont be as bright-spirited as mentally alert pets.

The schoolhouse not the doghouse
Help your dog develop positive social skills by taking her to a local doggie training school. Many animal shelters and pet shops offer such classes free of charge. While the biggest beneficiary of these classes tends to be the owner, your dog will come away knowing how to behave properly in the presence of other dogs and small children. This is vitally important if you want to be able to take your pet with you to the park, the beach or public venues crowded with other pets and families. Keep her out of the doghouse by taking her to the schoolhouse.

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