Gucci And Pet– Dog Collar

Gucci Design House won world wide reorganization not only by gorgeous handbags and shoes, but also through its originality and the fun they designed into every pet collection.
The collection is both innovative and cute to match with your darling pets. I will present some of its classic dog collar to you here.

What comes first is the best. It is an adjustable dog collar with bow and interlocking g charm. You can either choose a small 7.8″ – 9.4″ or a medium one 10.2″ – 11.8″. It is made of red/gold gg heart patent leather with dark gold leather, and trimmed with red patent leather and light gold hardware. The second is a signature web/chain dog collar with a length of 9.6″. It is made of green/red/green web and light gold-plated brass.
And the third is a medium adjustable dog collar with signature web with a length between 15.8″ and 24″. It is made of green/red/green signature web with light gold-plated brass.