Goldfish Details And Information

Goldfish have been around for generations now. They’ve been an integral part of the popular human consciousness and are amongst the preferred pet fish. Goldfish are fantastic starter fish for anyone aiming to start an aquarium. As a result of their long history, they are available in various shapes, sizes and body types. Members of the Carp family, Goldfish make wonderful pets as they are hardy and simple to keep as well as reasonably cheap. It is easy to keep Goldfish in a simple fish bowl as well as in large aquariums. Goldfish are incredible and delightful fish.

Varieties of Goldfish

Common Goldfish: As the name suggests, these are the most typical kind of goldfish and vary in color with their cousins, the Carp. They come in an assortment of colors including Crimson, Orange, White, Yellow and Black.

Black Moor: The eyes are by far the most remarkable part about this Goldfish. They’ve got extraordinary eyes that protrude from their faces. These are also named Dragon Eyes in China

Bubble Eye: This type of fish has eyes that point upward and unusual fluid filled sacks.

Celestial Eye: Very unusual looking fish that nearly looks as if wearing glasses of some sort. Its eyes bulge out and it has an extended swishy tail.

Comet: This fish has a good deal in common with the common Goldfish and is a cute and small variety of fish. Incredibly interesting tail.

Fantail: This sort of Goldfish seems like a Dorito chip. it is triangular and has a large dorsal fin. Very interesting looking critter.

Lionhead: The Lionhead looks gorgeous. It has a fantastic hood and is a very ornamental looking fish.

Oranda: Like the Lionhead, the Oranda also has a large hood that encircles its entire face. Not as pretty as the Lionhead in my opinion.

Telescope Eyed: A much darker color of Goldfish, the Telescope Eyed Goldfish has protruding eyes that make it very unusual looking to say the least.

Panda Moor: This one does’nt even look like your usual Goldfish. A very unusual looking fish in general which has a large split fantail and protruding eyes.

Veiltail: This is a gorgeous fish that has a long swishy tail.

The coolest thing concerning Goldfish is their versatility. They can be kept in small fish bowls, larger tanks as well as ponds and small lakes. There has been some confusion in relation to Goldfish memory spans. They’ve got a memory span of a few months instead of a small number of seconds as originally thought. They will get used to their feeders and will eventually come and feed from your hand.

Goldfish are known to like small shrimp and other crustaceans. They can be given especially formulated food that you can get from your pet store. Try to not overfeed your fish. Kids especially need to be intructed on exactly how much to feed their fish as they can easily become bloated.

Remember to hold a close watch on the vigor of your fish. Watch out for signs of overfeeding or listless behavior and try to find problems before they get bad. Keep the fish tank away from direct sunlight as modifications in temperature may adversely affect the healh of the fish. Goldfish make excellent pets.