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It is fun and easy and so versatile. Kids love to play with the pet during playtime and snuggle up with it during sleep time. Everyone needs a pillow. Why not have a fun, cuddly pillow with the Pillow Pet. Pillow Pets are great for traveling, long car trips, airplanes and sleepovers. Pillow Pets are constructed of high quality chenille fabric with durable stitching that stands up to wear and tear. Pillow Pets are machine washable so your child’s Pillow Pet can always be clean and fresh. Pillow Pets make the perfect gift so if you have a birthday party, holiday or special occasion around the corner pick up a Pillow Pet. We guarantee it will be a hit. Pillow Pets are great for boys and girls of all ages and will truly be a hit at the next birthday party. What really makes these kid’s toys so unique At first glance, it seems just like any regular cute stuffed animal to parents. But, the unique feature about Pillow Pets is that they could pop open into pillows that children can utilize to relax or sleep on. This reason is why the toy is known as a Pillow Pet. This is achieved using Velcro straps. If you undo the Velcro fastening, the Pillow Pet will automatically pop open and turn into a pillow. To turn it back to a soft toy again, you simply reconnect the Velcro belt. Pillow Pets are made of chenille, a very soft material that is plush and durable. The toy comes in a variety of animal patterns from a cow with black and white fluffy looking patches to a bug with a red nose and black antennae. There are more than thirty different My Pillow Pets of many types of animals. Some are named, -Sir Horse,’ -Patriotic Pup,’ -Cowardly Lion,’ to -Zippity Zebra. A child will find a friend for life with one of these great soft functional pillows.