Better Pet Health Through Raw Dog Food

Pet owners should take some time to read the ingredients label on the kibble that is being fed to their pets. Most dry kibble contains many ingredients that were never intended for your pet to eat. Raw dog food does not contain any corn, wheat or other grain fillers that can cause problems for your best friend. Just as humans feel better when they switch to natural foods, so do the pets.

Many pets are fussy eaters simply because of the foods that are set before them. These fussy eaters do not have the energy or health that they should. Simply put, most commercial foods simply are not prepared using the foods that they need and love. Even pets that wolf down the prepared foods may not receive the needed nutrition as it is not in a form that can be digested by the pet. Owners of these pets see great improvements in the health of the animal by changing their diet.

Changing the pets to foods that the pets need can expect to have fewer allergy problems. Those allergies may cause digestive problems, including diarrhea, upset stomach and gas. These allergies can cause the pets to lose vitality and lose weight.

Choosing the wrong pet foods can lead to problems with skin and hair. By changing the diet, the pet’s coat can become lush and glossy while shedding is reduced. Reducing the shedding prevents pet hair on clothing, carpets and furniture. Additionally, the switch can help to clear up problems with itchy skin and hot spots. Often these conditions show noticeable improvements.

If the pet owner notices no other improvement in pet health, he will notice the fact that feeding pets the foods that they naturally prefer will result in firmer stools that are smaller and offer easier cleanup in the back yard. In fact, stools of pets fed uncooked meats and bone often simply decompose in the sun into a white powder that has little to no smell.

When pets are given uncooked meats and bones, they have healthier gums and teeth resulting in better breath. When dogs chew uncooked bones, they strengthen and clean their teeth naturally. Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs as they can splinter, but raw ones provide the necessary exercise to keep the pet’s mouth healthy.

Once pets have had their diets changed from diets of kibble to the alternative of natural foods, they will have more energy. These pets are healthier and much more vital. Dogs of every breed benefit from this type of change. It is especially good for working or sporting pets.

Since dogs are man’s best friend they should be provided with the best foods possible. In reward to the companionship and friendship of your pet, provide him with raw dog food so that he gets the nutrition needed to stay healthy for his entire lifetime.