A Look At Some Symptoms Associated With Kitten Teething

Like many other animals and humans too, kitten teething is a rough time when chewing and biting are more than natural reflexes: they actually become the main urge of your pet. The favorite objects to chew in such cases are wool made: it is not exactly known why cats favor fluffy stuff when they are teething, but it is a fact that they find relief from the gum soreness when they do so.

The first period of kitten teething starts when the animals are two or three weeks old, and just like in the case of humans, the incisors and the canines erupt first. The entire kitten teething period with the milk and the adult teeth included covers no more than seven months, which is an average teething age in the animal world.

Adult kitten teething usually occurs between the third and the sixth months of life; the period is pretty tense for the animals, so don’t be surprised to be bitten accidentally by your pet. A good way to alleviate the pressure in the gums is to give the cat something hard to chew on: a rubber or a plastic toy for instance. If one of your kids’ toys doesn’t do for the matter, you can always turn to special kitten teething toys.

There is a whole range of nasty symptoms that are frequently reported during the kitten teething period; the pet may experience difficulty to swallow or it may even refuse food. The best thing to do under the circumstances is to contact the vet immediately and also turn to a powder or a gel to apply on the gums of the animal in order to provide relief and comfort.

Homeopathic granules will soothe the animals and allow them to eat as comfortably as possible, not to mention that the objects in your house will be safe from chewing. We should further add that it is possible for the animal to have an altered behavior for the entire kitten teething period, but it will get back to normal as soon as the skin on the gums breaks.

You may also take advantage of the kitten teething period to train the pet for a good oral hygiene; many cats have to be taken to the vet in order to have their teeth cleaned. If, during the kitten teething period, you manage to get the animal used to brushing, there should be no problem to turn it into a habit. The pet will more easily accept the brush now since it alleviates the pressure in gums swollen because of the teeth eruption.