Top 10 Health Conditions In Cats And Dogs & How You Can Help

Top Ten Surveyed Health Conditions for Dogs and Cats*

Top 10 health conditions in dogs ear infection, skin allergy, skin infection/hot spots, vomitting, diarrhea, bladder infection, arthritis, soft-tissue trauma, noncancerous tumour, eye infection.

Top 10 health conditions in cats – lower urinary tract problems, vomiting, chronic renal failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, diarrhea, skin allergy, dental disease, ear infection, eye infection.

Have you heard of Spirulina?

Spirulina is a micro-algae which contains the most remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any food. Its is known as a functional food, as it can provide nutrition and special functions that work to enhance health.

Fact : Scientists around the world in Japan, China, India, Europe, Russia and the USA are discovering how and why spirulina is so effective for animal (and human) health.

Fact : In 1994, a Russian Patent was awarded for spirulina as a medical food to reduce allergic reactions from radiation sickness in the children of Chernobyl.

This incredible food has unique phytonutrients; phycocyanin, polysaccharides and sulfolipids, which all enhance the immune system. Spirulina is also rich in natural carotenoid antioxidants, all of which promote cellular health and are known to reduce the risk of cancer.

Spirulina is a high protein food, with over 60% all digestible vegetable protein, containing three times the protein value of beef, but without the saturated fat and cholesterols; as much vitamin E as wheat germ and 100 times more beta carotene than carrots. It also contains the highest concentration of vitamin B12, iron and trace minerals, together with the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid).

How Can Spirulina Help My Pet?

There are hundreds of published scientific studies all over the world revealing that by feeding spirulina to mice, hamsters, chickens, turkeys, cats, fish and humans, confirmed that with its unique phytonutrients, spirulina improves immune system function.

Low immune system function is the underlying cause of many poor health conditions in animals and humans, so by supporting your pets immune system with spirulina, you can help to prevent poor health conditions and expensive vet bills!

Key Benefits of Giving Your Pet Spirulina

Good immune function in dogs and cats can translate into better quality skin and lustrous coat.
Pets with fleas and subsequent itching skin are helped significantly with spirulina, as it helps the immune system to bring the allergic skin reaction under control.
Appetites of fussy cats have been known to lift with a sprinkled on their food.
Owners report spirulina fed pets have a fresher breath.
Older animals may regain flexibility.
A great alternative for dogs and cats that like to eat grass.
Using spirulina is ideal for detoxification after antibiotic treatment.
Spirulina promotes overall good health benefits for the pets that are regularly fed with it.

How Much Spirulina Do I Give My Cat or Dog?

Spirulina is naturally in a very concentrated form, so a little goes a long way.

For dogs the size of a Retriever size need only 1 2 teaspoons of Spirulina per day with food.
Smaller breeds need a lesser quantity.
For cats an 1/8 of a teaspoon a day is enough.
There are some organic pet foods also available containing spirulina
Finally, if you are thinking, if spirulina is that good for my pet will it be good for me too?

Oh yes!

Pets And Marketing Your Property

Repossession real property investing can be a rewarding particular niche for those people that want to take some time to investigate the marketplace and find out the approaches. This is the main factor behind the increasing popularity of the multi-storied mall, huge shopping centers and well-facilitated and areas in organized retail buildings in the city. In the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Golden Horn, the city offers up the spectacular and stunning building gem of the Hagia Sophia.

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Now, if you wish to discover an excellent home, you should discover a broker. From a a great deal more efficient dialog they produce additional conferences with qualified persons. Individuals nowadays desire to make money with financial investments. With our over – dependence on nonrenewable fuel sources and various other non – sustainable resources of power, it is merely an issue of time before they end up coming to be budget friendly simply to a very choose couple of.

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The manager of the administration Business need to have the essential experience in dealing with residential property. Your initial step if you want to explore this option needs to be to call your loan provider and identify if a short sale is viable, considering that not all loan providers will consider them. You want a real estate professional who finds out about the property worths of Avalon New Jersey realty.

If you do not recognize a straining device, inquire. Usually it is seen that the proprietor or workers are uninformed concerning the nature of money circulation in their company. In sum, a sound decision can istanbul properties consistently be attained with the ideal expertise and mindset. Avoid typical downfalls in the sale of your residential property, such as appraisals that do not come up to the prices.

Instance: Holly rented her home to Gary for year. You can purchase financial investment home with inadequate credit history, yet you will certainly pay considerably a lot more for the funding. Dubai real property market soared in 2002 when foreigners were allowed to acquire and have homes on freehold basis.

Online Ticket Sales Brings Many Benefits

The Internet age has significantly changed how many products are traditionally sold, especially non-bulky information-based products that you don’t need to see before buying.

As a result, most people these days assume that it should be possible to purchase tickets for any event online, ideally from the event organizer’s website.

But the reasons why you should consider setting up online ticketing system are more than just to make it easier for your customers to buy tickets. If you enable people to buy tickets online, you can expect increased ticket sales and attendance, increased efficiency, higher profits, enhanced patron satisfaction and reduced costs.

Let’s consider a few of the most important benefits.

A box office that’s open 24/7.

Whilst simply setting up a web site is a great way of promoting your organization, you’re definitely losing customers if they can’t purchase tickets whilst they are on your site. Very often they’ll decide to attend one of your events as soon as they’ve seen your event description… so should make it as easy as possible for them to purchase tickets right at that moment. If they have to wait until the next for your box office to open, its quite conceivable they could either change their mind in the meantime, forget or decide to spend their money in other ways.

Eliminates booking fees and service charges added by ticketing services.

Both patrons and venue operators are becoming more and more disenchanted with the large booking fees charged by middlemen. With your own online ticketing system, you can not only eliminate service charges, but manage your your ticket sales and pricing as you like, which helps in developing enhanced and happier relationships with your customers.

Patrons can choose the exact seats they want from an online seating map.

With many online box office ticketing systems, customers are able to select and purchase the exact seats they want in real time with just a click of a mouse via an interactive seating chart. Such systems may offer the ability to display both the full auditorium or each section separately, to hover over seats and display the seat and row number and ticket price, to zoom and scroll over the seating chart, show available and unsold seats, or even show a view of the stage from the selected seat .

Saves time, reduces workload.

An online ticketing system greatly reduces the time you’ll spend answering phone calls, correspondence and other box office related matters … a huge benefit if you are a non-profit or volunteer run organization. And although this does mean that personal contact with your customers may be reduced, you’ll still be providing them with an enhanced level of customer service by offering the option of printing an e-ticket online, printing a voucher to exchange at the box office or requesting tickets to be posted.

Sell tickets from anywhere in the world.

With many web based box office ticketing systems, you can not only access the full administrative functionality of your box office system from anywhere in the world but you can Sell tickets, take payments and instantly print the tickets if you wish, just as if you were sitting in your local box office. For small or non profit organizations, and especially if you rely on a handful of volunteers, you’ll appreciate how useful this can be in farming out the workload.

Set up a network of resellers.

With an internet based event ticketing system, you can normally appoint resellers or distributors in any location provided they have access to an internet connections. These resellers simply log on to your system via their PC and internet connection and use your ticketing application to sell tickets the same as if they were sitting at a local box office terminal.

Increase “brand” awareness.

More people visiting your site to purchase tickets means more referrals and more awareness of your organization. And displaying your web address on all publicity materials (flyers, leaflets, magazines etc) as the convenient place to purchase tickets, is considerably more effective than just listing a contact phone number.

Build Customer loyalty.

Your own web site is always your customer’s primary choice when looking for information about events or ticket availability. Most people expect that your website will display the most up to date information about events and the best offers.Serving your patrons well by a website that’s not only informative, but allows them to buy tickets online, is a great way to build loyalty. And your web site is by far your lowest cost sales channel, plus the one with the highest return.

Send emails automatically to your patrons.

With most internet based ticketing software you can easily enhance your marketing efforts by sending emails to your patrons direct from your database, informing them of future events. And you will generally have the ability to fine tune you mail outs by selecting patrons on the basis of events attended, location or other categories that are set in your database.

There’s an increasing number of online box office ticketing systems available, all with somewhat different features and methods of operation. So, check out what online tickets sales software systems are available, maybe draw up a chart listing what features you see as essential, compare what is on offer and you’re sure to find a system that will meet your requirements and allow you to benefit from all that online ticketing can offer.

Pct – Patent Pct Filing Requirement, Timeline And Registration

PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty is an agreement for international cooperation to enter into the patenting process with an efficient and cost-effective way in many countries at one time. PCT is a treaty for cooperation and rationalization through which one search, examine and dissemination of the technical information in respect of PCT filing procedure. The benefit of Patent Cooperation Treaty is in the interest of the offices that have responsibility for administering it and of the users of the patent system in a very economical and effective manner.

Patent Cooperation Treaty patent application is a simple way of granting the patent right between the contracting states. PCT patent application is a single application that is to be filed at one of the international receiving offices that further grants a right to application holder to file national patent applications in any of the contracting states. It includes a single initial filing fee where one can postpone all of the additional expenses of the national patent process for 30 months approx from the application’s priority date. This priority date can be secure by filing PCT application which acts as similar to a provisional patent application.

There are many ways by which one can file PCT but to file with minimum cost there are some requirement and procedure which one has to follow while pct filing like mention the title of the invention, nationality of the inventors, names and addresses within application to be filed. Secondly, complete specification with abstract, drawings and claims before the International office. In case if the International Application is another language other than English then one has to submit in English also along with filing of English translation of the priority documents. The pct filing timeline is generally of 12 months of the earliest filing date for an application. Apart from PCT filing there is another services named patent registration that can be done with the help of patent attorney authorized by Indian patent office under the Indian patent act 1970. Under this one can register his or her invention with all types of legal necessities in order to safeguard his or her invention, product or unique services.

In PCT there are many services involve in it like pct filing, pct patent filing, pct filing requirements, pct filing timeline, patent registration, pct filing strategy, patent application and lots more. To provide all these services there are many companies that are operating through out India like where you will find all these services in an affordable rates with complete solution.

Novel Bird Pets – Quaker Bird

The people who are keen on pets have many options to choose from in the present times. Today a lot many people are selecting birds as pets. The reason for such a choice is that birds are easy to maintain and do not need lots of attention. When it comes to keeping birds as pets, you have amplitude of options than you can presumably imagine. One good option in this context is Quaker bird. Lets have look at some of the reasons which makes Quaker bird as the ideal option as a pet.

If you like beautiful things then you have all the explanations in the world to have a Quaker bird as a pet. Colored in wonderful green, these birds are one of the most visually appealing creatures to have as pet. To add to it, they have blue feathers and are colored grey on the face and the chest. Their unusual mix of colors make them very attractive. These days, you even have the option to choose between yellow, blue and white Quaker birds.

However, it’s not only the beautiful looks of the Quaker bird which makes it a must pet. pet. Quaker birds also sport a particularly dynamic personality. It makes for the ultimate pet because of its agreeable nature. A Quaker bird can easily intermingle with the family and if trained properly can simply become used to the ways of the family. Moreover, the bird perfectly fits into the slot of friendship and can be easily touted as an especially true pet. All that’s needed is required is a perfect t4aining and in no time the Quaker bird is all set to reply to your questions with the right answers and that too on the most good eventualities. The mild and the enthralling systems of the Quaker bird can easily take your heart away.

Keeping a pet is no straightforward thing. A large quantity of factors like food and plenty more have to be kept in mind to take acceptable care of the pets. The statement holds validity for the Quaker birds as well. However, This bird is understood to supply no problem when it comes to factors like diet. The bird isn’t fussy with food in any way. You can easily feed them on the plethora of plants and fruit available. In addition you can also serve this bird with food items like grams, legumes, pastas, seeds and the like. However, some food items that are a total no-no for you are caffeine, alcohol, avocado, chocolate and rhubarb.

Further on, this bird has a long life span too. Usually a Quaker bird survives for roughly 20 to 30 years. This indicates that you have a companion of a lifetime. Also, the long lifespan of this bird makes it way better than most pets that do not last for more than a few years.

With all these reasons, you sure would be missing out on something if you don’t own a Quaker bird as a pet.