Why Do So Many People Keep Pets

Have you ever wondered about this? I don’t know for sure, but with the relatively sudden appearance of a plethora of super pet stores and the burgeoning growth of the industry in general, my guess is that it might have something to do with people wanting to decrease the stress that plagues all of us.

Personally, we do not have any pets, because we have no timeor spacefor them and don’t want the extra work and responsibility.

But many people, especially those with children at home, for some reason do wish to care for one or more pets. And I realize that some parents simply yield to the “want ones” from their kids. And that’s okay, as long as they also teach those kids the responsibility that goes along with pet ownership. Sadly, many don’t.

Some single people seem to acquire pet(s) as a status symbol or as a means of meeting someone by establishing an excuse to speak to someone while out walking or running.

Still others are simply lonely and dote on their pet(s) as they might dote on a mate if they had one.

Now, you would think that anyone who has or would be thinking about acquiring a pet, especially a relatively large one, would already be a home owner, wouldn’t you? Well, if that’s what you think, you would be wrong!

How do I know that?

Because I’m a property manager, and it just boggles my mind the number of people who call and ask if we accept pets. We have both single rooms and one-bedroom apartments, but that doesn’t seem to faze these people.

I mean, some of these people have not one large dog or cat, but several . . . and they expect someone to rent them a small room or apartment? Makes you wonder what goes through their minds (if anything)!

Don’t get me wrong. I love cuddly animals and have had many pets in years past . . . but always in a house with a yard that we owned. And our dogs did their business in our yard, not on public grounds.

Then, of course, there are those home owners (or home renters, as the case may be), who allow their dogs to become nuisances in otherwise quiet neighborhoods. They bark incessantly for hours at a time, to the apparent unconcern of their owners, and disturb others’ peace.

Years ago, I remember resorting to sleeping with a box fan on “high” just so that I could get to sleep, because of a neighbor’s “pet.” When I complained to that neighbor, she told me that their Border Collie was a “watch” dog . . . really? How would they ever know if someone was intruding, because the dog barked non-stop? She could not have cared less if neighbors were being disturbed!

Again, the question is, why do these people insist on harboring these animals at the expense of their neighbors’ peace and quiet?

Could it be that this somehow relieves their stress? I do not see how that would be possible, and it certainly adds to the stress of their neighbors!

But caring for an animal does seem to contribute to the happiness and peace of mind of many. I know, for instance, of a nursing home where an Irish Setter roams the halls and brings joy and happiness to the faces of the folks there.

Finally, I know of several couples who have reached the point in their relationships where they seem to just tolerate each other, and their pets are mutually enjoyed so that they have sort of a “substitute” to fill in the gaps that are wanting in their relationships.

It is as if these kinds of people transfer their affection for another human being to the pet kingdom, and they’re losing a lot in the end.

Loving animals is one thing. Giving them precedence over human beings is quite another. Everything should be done in moderation.

Pets In The Classroom Program Enhances Curriculum

Having a classroom pet fosters skills like responsibility, nurturing and teamwork. Children develop a sense of respect for living creatures and a connection to the natural world. But, a classroom pet also provides countless ways to enhance curriculum in creative ways. Teachers have told Pets in the Classroom that they are amazed at how their students” interactions with their classroom pet inspire learning and creativity across numerous disciplines. With a little brainstorming and student input, teachers can transform their students” enthusiasm for the classroom pet into enthusiasm for science, language arts, math and fine arts.

Science is probably the first subject that comes to mind when thinking of integrating your classroom pet into the curriculum. Students can use the basic principles of science to observe, measure and record information about the classroom pet. Students can measure the pet”s size and weight, track growth, and record behavior patterns. Learning units of measurement can be fun when the class guinea pig is measured in centimeters and inches, and weight converted from pounds to ounces. Research your pet”s natural habitat, adaptation and diet, as well as how your pet grows and develops. What features are unique to reptiles, amphibians or fish? How does a baby bird develop in the egg and what happens after it hatches? The possibilities are endless.

Taking your students on a trip to the library is a great way to spark an interest in reading. You”ll find a wide variety of books – fiction and non-fiction- based on your classroom pet for students to take home and share with their family. They”ll get an early start on doing research and have fun finding new stories of animals just like theirs. If you haven”t selected your classroom pet yet, researching the various possibilities makes a wonderful classroom project that all of the students can contribute to. A classroom pet research project incorporates several different valuable learning skills, such as working within a group, researching, analysis of data and coming to a conclusion, as well as writing and creative skills. Students can also enhance their presentation skills by presenting their project to the classroom.

Teachers find that students love to write about their new “friend”, the classroom pet. Harness your students” fascination with your pet by having them write their own stories about the pet. Have them tell how they”d spend a day out with their new friend, or write daily journal entries about its life in the classroom. Stories about your classroom pet can be compiled into a special book to be shared with family and other classrooms. Weekly vocabulary lists can include words that pertain to your pet.

Creativity can blossom through art as well. Students love to express their feelings for classroom pets through art. Try having them create an image with markers or crayons and another with paint. Experimenting with different materials is a great way to get your students familiar with art. Another great creative project is to have your students create collages of pictures and facts about their animal. This is a great way for them to express themselves while having fun incorporating information about their new friend.

These are just a few of the ways a classroom pet can enhance the curriculum and inspire learning through a child”s special bond with an animal.

What’s the Story on Liquid Titanium Horse Products

Times are changing in the case of healthcare for horses. Many more people are trying to find alternative types of preventative/alternative care. Within this paradigm shift it appears as if liquid titanium products are becoming a wonderful adjunct inside the search for total health.

Titanium has been tested and proven to possess many incredible effects on biological and physical functions. Because liquid titanium products assist the horse’s system naturally causing it to deliver negative ions and far infrared rays, there are no limitations to how much time a horse can wear the item. Absolutely nothing enters the body through the gi tract, skin or blood vessels. Fundamentally, the liquid titanium acts on the bio-energetic field inherent to every living body. Exactly what does this all mean for the horse you could possibly ask. When liquid titanium items are worn by horses, the titanium surrounds the horse’s body and the horse is now able to utilize 100 % of the negative ions leading to extraordinary health advantages. When the negative ion effect is combined with the FIR (far infrared) producing properties, the health rewards of liquid titanium horse wear become quite extensive:

FIR converts into radiant heat (infrared energy) which produces body warmth.
Increases H2O hydration which improves blood circulation & increased oxygen inside blood provides more energy.
Increases metabolism.
Increases the production of nitric oxide which is a key component of any healthy immune system.
Reduces the acidity in the body.
Helps flush toxic substances from the body and reduces lactic acid buildup.
Reduces aches, pains and joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms.
Reduces pain affiliated with arthritis.
Can reduce inflammatory skin problems.
Can reduce anxiety.
Can relieve stress, which could lessen the chance of ulcers.
Induces alpha brain waves and stabilizes serotonin levels which may result in a calming effect.
Increases awareness so helping your horse focus in a positive way. For horse owners this can mean a noticeable difference between mediocre performance and optimum performance, poor to average health versus blossoming health. It’s possible to start to learn how significant these health and fitness benefits can be ranging from a healthier, happier horse to improved focus and performance; with the potential of decreasing vet bills.

Up to date, the liquid titanium products available for horses include coolers/blankets, face masks and ear covers. All types of horse owners are beginning to use liquid titanium horse wear. Racehorses, barrel racers, 3day event horses, dressage horses and everything in between are experiencing the remarkable advantages of liquid titanium therapeutic horse wear.

Think of liquid titanium horse products as “drug-free” therapeutic horse wear. For holistic health enthusiasts seeking alternative ways of promoting health for their horses, liquid titanium horse wear is an excellent choice. Titanium products are not a replacement for traditional vet care, but can be applied besides your preferred vet’s services.

For more information on liquid titanium horse products visit http://www.TitianiumHorseProducts.com.

Corporate Gifts As Thank You Gifts To Sponsors

Giving thank you gifts to your corporate sponsors for an event is a matter of simple courtesy. Its a way of expressing appreciation, not to the company for their sponsorship, but to the people that made it happen for their efforts and assistance. Choosing those thank you corporate gifts can be tricky. You want to give a thank you gift thats personally useful without being too personal. It should be an item that can be given to each of your sponsors, and it should carry the name of the conference or the organization that sponsored it so that it also serves as a souvenir of the event.
One of the best places to find thank you gifts for your sponsors is through a supplier that provides corporate gifts and promotional items to industry and businesses. The corporate gifts that you choose are, in a very real way, promotional gifts they are meant to promote good feelings and support among those people who have extended themselves to help make your event a success. Companies that specialize in providing promotional items will also carry a range of corporate gifts that will be appropriate gifts to your sponsors.
While there are no hard and fast guidelines for choosing corporate gifts to show your appreciation to conference or event sponsors, there are some items and types of items that are always appreciated. If youre looking to corporate gifts to express your appreciation to your sponsors, here are some suggestions for items that are always appreciated and always appropriate.
Digital Corporate Gifts
Welcome to the digital age. High tech toys like USB drives, miniature digital cameras and MP3 players are items that have a high perceived value, but advances in technology have brought their prices into range with other high quality corporate gifts. Unlike many items that are often touted as corporate gifts, digital gifts are truly unisex. Most can be discreetly imprinted or engraved with your company or conference name, and nearly all are portable enough and useful enough that your gift recipients will use them on a daily basis.
Desktop Corporate Gifts
Items for the desktop are always appropriate corporate gifts, but be sure to make them distinctive when you want them to serve as sponsor thank you gifts. Stylish paperweights, and executive style desk calendar/clock combinations are excellent choices to use for this purpose. Theyre both stylish and useful, and serve as a permanent reminder of your gratitude for the efforts of your sponsor.
Apparel Corporate Gifts
Apparel gifts are often appropriate thank you gifts for corporate sponsors. Depending on the event, even a t-shirt featuring the event logo can be a lasting souvenir. For more important sponsors, though, you might invest in something with a higher perceived value fleece jackets, caps and embroidered golf shirts are all good choices.
Choosing a thank you gift for your sponsors is one of those little details that wont make or break your conference or event, but it can certainly make a difference in the way that its remembered by your sponsors and that will make a difference when its time to approach your former sponsors for another consideration.

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